Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Psalm 132:1-10

Psalm 132:1-10
God, remember me and all the hardships 
I have gone through.
Remember, that I have said, no matter
what, I am going to praise Your name.
I'm not going to turn against You!
I'm not going to leave Your side!
I'm not going to follow the other path!
I'm going to forever worship You, LORD!!

I remember when You have held me,
comforted me, lifted my head.
I will come to You altar, 
Your footstool,
here on Earth and worship You!
Lord, come and meet me there!
Show up!
Show me Your strength, power and love!
May I be clothed in Your righteousness and
I will shout with joy and dance for You!
Because I AM YOURS!!!
Honor me, LORD, and don't reject me, LORD.

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