Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is where I was last night!!!
It was fabulous!!!!
I went with 4 other lovely ladies

Me, Susan, Amanda, Becky and Mary
(Cindy we missed you)
from church.

We sang some beautiful Christmas and worship songs,
we heard some wonderful songs from Travis and CeCe!

And then we heard a WORD!!!!
Beth spoke on Luke 1:5-25
Prepare for an Advent in you Life
A fresh visitation from God
A personal advent
A fresh work from the Lord!

She gave us 4 ways to prepare for an Advent:
She said that God rarely just shows up!
He usually gives us signs that He is on His way!

#1 - Be Lookin' for Him!
#2 - Bring our disappointment to the altar.
#3 - Believe to the bone that He heard you!
#4 - Blessed are you when what comes naturally
for others, comes supernaturally to you!

Talking about Zechariah and Elizabeth!
How the were faithful people but had profound disappointment.
What they were missing came so easily to other people.

She talked about Zechariah going into the holy place and praying
for the nation of Israel, but possibly for his wife as well.

And that you are not picked on when God doesn't answer you 
like some others get answered, but that you are PICKED OUT!!!
That sometimes your answer will come with a God show!
I'm sure it would make more sense if you had been there,
but it was amazing!

It was so good!
It was so needed!
We were there on purpose!
Thank You, Jesus!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conclusion to Psalms of Ascent

The study is over!  

I am sad!

I usually am when a Bible study is over,

it's like saying good-bye to a good friend.

But all good things must come to an end.

And so we conclude with 

Psalm 134

It's a benediction to those who had traveled
so far, the pilgrims who came to Jerusalem 
3 different times through the year.

This song is a song of blessing

blessing the Lord

and being blessed by the Lord.

Only 3 little verses 

but so powerful.

So worship, bless, acknowledge your God!

And receive blessings from Him that outnumber your blessing.

I'm going to include Beth's blessing to us, because it was so good!!!

"My beloved sister in Christ...
May God keep your heart set on pilgrimage.
May He keep your eyes upon the destination and never let you forget that your Goal is a person, Jesus Christ, and He is waiting for you - in person - at your finish line.
May you always remember what a great cloud of witnesses cheers you on in your journey to Mount Zion and bids you to "Be brave!"  The race is not long, Beloved, so run hard!
May your eyes be open to snares your enemy sets in you r path and, should you tumble in the ditch, may your troubled heart be disallowed to condemn you.  Jump in the air, twirl around, and buck like a bronco with repentance before your God until not a single speck of mud is left on your feet.  Let God wash them in the water of His Word and plant them back on your path.
When we feel heavy-laden in our journeys, may we check first to see if it's the burden of a swollen ego or the load of taking on a role that only belongs to God.
May we lay down what has no place in our packs and run with the wind.
When life is excruciating, may you find the strength in Christ to crawl on your hands and knees, sowing the Word of God and watering it with your tears.
May you never forget that you are inconceivable loved and that God will prove infinitely faithful.  And your way to the great feast in the heavenly Jerusalem, may you glance often to your right and to your left and offer a fellow pilgrim a helping hand.
May the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth, bless you from Zion."

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Psalm 133

Psalm 133
How good and pleasant and wonderful 
it is when believers live in
unity together

It is a precious annointing.

It is a blessing that falls like dew.

And in that unity, the Lord gives 
His blessing,
life forever!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year!!!

It is that time of year again that I just love!
The older I get, I believe the more I love it!
Thinking back throughout my life, 
I can honestly say that this has always been 
my favorite holiday!

Trying to understand why and pondering on this 
has brought several ideas to mind....
* 1 of the only times I see my Iowa family during the year
* it has been a consistent happening in my ever changing life
(really, I can count on both hands the # of times I haven't been in Iowa for Thanksgiving!)
*  it is a time of happiness, no stress, no drama... happiness
* I love my Iowa family for so many different reasons
to name a few...
no drama
unconditional love
even though we only see each other once a year,
feels like we see each other daily
laughter! like crying & peeing your pants laughter!!!
playing card games
I just love the Furnes!!!

We leave tomorrow and I can hardly stand it!
I'm so ready!!!!
We will miss a few aunts and uncles this year, 
but there will still be a huge clan of Furnes gathered 
on Thursday!

I hope everyone (the 2 who read this blog)
has a fabulous, memory making Thanksgiving too!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Psalm 132:11-18

Psalm 132:11-18
Father GOD, Thank You so much for
when we call on You.
Thank You for Your promise of a 
that came long ago 
to save

Father, help me to live like You want me to.
Teach me to be more like You.
Show me the things that need to change.
And keep me focused on You.

Thank You for Your blessings;
make me ever aware of them!
Thank You for never leaving me,
even when I have disobeyed.
Thank You for
of Your promises to Your children.

Thank You for salvation.
Thank You for sending Jesus, the anointed One.

Father GOD, I will sing and shout for joy
forever because of what 
have done

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Psalm 132:1-10

Psalm 132:1-10
God, remember me and all the hardships 
I have gone through.
Remember, that I have said, no matter
what, I am going to praise Your name.
I'm not going to turn against You!
I'm not going to leave Your side!
I'm not going to follow the other path!
I'm going to forever worship You, LORD!!

I remember when You have held me,
comforted me, lifted my head.
I will come to You altar, 
Your footstool,
here on Earth and worship You!
Lord, come and meet me there!
Show up!
Show me Your strength, power and love!
May I be clothed in Your righteousness and
I will shout with joy and dance for You!
Because I AM YOURS!!!
Honor me, LORD, and don't reject me, LORD.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Psalm 131

Psalm 131
Lord, help my heart not to be prideful;
help my eyes not to look down on others.
I don't want to do great things, Lord.
What I want is to have peace!
What I want is to be clam and quiet.
What I want is to be like child when he
is with his mother.
What I want is to have THAT peace;
peace of a small child on his mother's lap
being held.
Kari, put your hope in the Lord
now and for eternity.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Psalm 130

Lord, out of my depths, 
I cry to You,
Sovereign God,
please hear my voice.
May Your ears be attentive 
to my cry for mercy, help and love.
Father God,
if You kept a record of sins,
who would be able to stand?
there is 
and because of that,
You are awed and respected.
I wait on You, 
My soul waits and on 
Your word, I put my
I wait on the Lord like someone in 
darkness waits for the morning.
I wait like a watchman of a city,
even more so,
I wait.
put your hope in the Lord,
because with 
and with the 
there is 
God, Himself will redeem 
all of His children
from all of their sins.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Psalm 129

Psalm 129

From my youth, the enemy has attacked me.
let me say again,
The enemy has afflicted me ever since I was young.


I have been down,
people have hurt me, 
I have been bound,

BUT! the Lord is righteous and loyal!!!
He has my back,
He has cut the ropes,
He will never leave me!

May those who are against the Lord be put to shame.
Let their plans wither and die before they can come to fruition.

Lord, may Your Sovereignty be recognized and known!  Forever!


Monday, October 27, 2008

My Psalm 128

Psalm 128

When you fear, respect the Lord, looking to Him in every matter, you will be blessed.  
When you walk on His path, following His ways you will be happy.
Enjoy the goodness and blessings from the Lord when you join Him where He is at work.
Stay connected to the true vine, bearing much fruit on your branch.  Remember that you have been chosen and the fruit you were appointed to bear is fruit that will last!
By doing this, respecting God and reflecting His ways, You will be blessed.
May God continue to bless you from Heaven, so that we may enjoy His blessings everyday of your life and that we may see His prosperity to generations to come.

One Vote

This was shown Sunday at church!
So powerful!

Don't forget to scroll down and turn off the music so you can appreciate this as well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Psalm 127

Psalm 127
Is Christ the foundation of your family?
Is God at work in the work you are doing?
Unless He is, you are working in vain.  If God is not at the center of all you do and in your family too, it is meaningless.
You get up early and stay up late, all to get ahead in the game.  Stop working so hard against the Lord and go where He is and do what He is doing and rest in Him who loves you.

Your children are a gift from the Lord, your babies a reward from Him.
Your sons are like arrows who will defend, protect and take care of you.
Happy is the parent who has many children.
Thank the Lord for His rewards

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beth Moore's Newest Study!!!

This isn't even available until mid-November, but I stumbled across this and I WANT TO SIGN UP!!!!  I want this study!!!
Don't forget to go down and turn off the music before playing this!

Beth Moore's Esther, Web Promo from LifeWay on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember When????

Do you know who this is???

Since the last post was about so many years ago, 

here's another!!!

Think back to junior high and high school. (well at least for my age)

Amy Grant is coming to Houston celebrating her 20 years as an artist.

The commercials have brought back a ton of memories!

Lead Me On
Let Me Say Once More
Stay For Awhile
Father's Eyes

Do you know how many Amy Grant songs I sang for special music through the years???

Let me just say A TON!!!!

Do you know how many tapes and cds of hers I have!


I soooooo want to go to this concert!  
I won't, but I want to!!!

Amy Grant was one of the first "contemporary" (makes me laugh a little) Christian artists that I listened to!  I loved her, well... still do!
I saw her live at a conference 4 years ago!  She is so real!
She was shoeless and had her guitar and it was great!!!

So who's up for a concert???!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ouch! I Feel So Old!!!!

Heard this on the tv today as Kru was getting ready to watch his favorite show, The Backyardigans.

I was like....

25 YEARS!!!??????  Really????

Yes, I guess I was 10 years old when I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll for my birthday!
And yes, that does mean I'm 35 almost 36!!!


I'm almost tempted to buy the cute African American newborn!  It's so sweet!!!

You see, when I was 10, I wanted a black baby!  
Not a doll mind you, but a real life black baby!  
I have always wanted to be a mother!!!!

I'm not sure why, but my parents freaked a little because this white little girl wanted a black baby, so they improvised...

There was a lady who made dolls in our church and they had her make me my very own African American homemade Cabbage Patch looking doll. (I would take a picture of her, but she is up in the attic in some box!)  She wasn't a newborn at all, almost weighing 10 pounds, but she was a black baby.

My parents made sure that I knew that this would be the only black baby I ever had!

I'm so embarrassed to even write that!

Because my heart is so not there and has never been there!

I'm not claiming that I'm not prejudice, because I honestly believe that we can not grow up and live in America and not have some prejudice within us.  I pray that as the Holy Spirit grows and changes me that that would lessen and that Christ's love would flow through me and out of me!

I love being in a church with families that adopt no matter the color of skin.  I love being able to be a part of their families!  The picture of adoption and the things that I have learned from these families has been wonderful.

25 years! That seems like an eternity ago!!! ;>)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Powerful Song

You will need to scroll to the bottom and pause the other music before listening to this!!!

Saying Good-bye to....

a great pair of pants!!!
Yes, you heard me....

Today, I put on one of my favorite pairs of pants and found that 
today would be the last day I would do it.
It really is a sad affair!
But....  the holes that have been worn through 
are no longer modest enough to wear out in public!

But you see, I have been wearing these pants for a while now!
My good friend, Mary, gave these fabulous GAP capris to me
3 years ago.  They were the first "real" pants that I wore after
having my third child, Kru!

They were snug at first and I wore them probably 1-2 weeks early,
but they were "real" pants and not maternity!!!

After a while, they were a little too big, but I kept wearing them
anyways!  They are comfortable, soft, semi-flattering and GAP
for crying-out-loud!!!!  So I just pulled the drawstring a little
tighter and have been wearing them ever since!

But I suppose after weekly washings....
(remember, I live in Texas where we wear capris year round)
the time has come to let them go!

They have been good to me!
I will miss them!
It is a sad day!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Psalm 126

Psalm 126
When the Lord revealed Himself to me
and set this captive free,
it seemed like a dream too good to be true.
My mouth was filled with laughter and song,
My heart was joyful and light.
It was said, "God was wonderful to her!"
God WAS wonderful to me;
I am a happy person.
And now, God, years later, God
do it again-
rain down on my life again
So that which I planted with tears
I may harvest with shouts of 
And so others, as well, who have heavy hearts
will have laughter and many blessings.

                    written on 10-20-08

6 Weeks Until Thanksgiving!!!

"Only 6 weeks until Thanksgiving!"  When I heard this on the radio the other day, I was shocked!  I couldn't believe it was only 42 days away.

While that may make some go into a frenzy or panic, because we all know what is just around the corner from T-day, it made me smile and it gave me a sense of inner peace, that I needed!

You see, I get to see my family over Thanksgiving!!!  It is a once a year event that I look forward to more than I can explain!!!

It is strange here in the south where we really have no change in season, to know we are in Autumn.  I forget what time of year it is!  So when I heard that the other day, it thrilled my soul.

I love Indian Summer, Autumn, Thanksgiving, the changing leaves, the noise and smell as you walk through the leaves on the ground, raking huge piles of leaves and jumping in them, beautifully trees dressed in reds, bronzes, oranges and yellows!!  The nip in the air of chilly Fall days, and I could go on and on.....  but I won't...  because I love all that so much, but I don't get all of that here in Texas.

But before I begin lamenting my sad tale, I DO get Thanksgiving in Iowa!!!  I DO get to go and see my dad's side of the family!!!  I DO get to be around people that have known me my entire life, they know me!  And they still love me!!!  I get to sit at a table with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and play cards!  I will spend some special time with just me and my granpa, who I love so much!!!  I will laugh so hard with my granma and aunts that we will cry and hopefully not pee our pants!  I will be among the many for the group picture!!!  And I will relish EVERY second, because they come too far and few between!!!

I have been going to my granma and granpa's house in Iowa since I can remember.  I have picture after picture after picture of all of us!  When Great-Granpa (Gramps) and Granma (Grammy) came, as we grew in numbers, to us growing up and now having children of our own in the photos!  It is a tradition, and 1 of the only traditions that my family has, that matters so much to me!!!  There have been years that I wasn't able to make the trip, and they were sadder Thanksgivings!  Because NOTHING!!! on Thanksgiving makes me feel the way I feel when I am with my family in Iowa!!!  My brother and his wife made the journey last year from DC.  That was the first time since mom died that Kory and I were there together! It was grand!!!  And they just bought their airplane tickets this week for this year! YAY!!!

NOTHING beats your family!  I love them all so much, even if I only get to see the majority of them 1 time a year!  They are so precious to me and I hope these next 6 weeks fly!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Psalm 125

Psalm 125

We who are confident, secure and sure in the Lord
and who trust in Him are like a strong, 
unmovable, unshakeable mountain.
And just like the mountains that surround Jerusalem,
our God, the LORD, surrounds us, His people, now and forever.
He hems me in, He camps around me.
Those who are wicked will not rule over us forever,
tempting us to fall into sin.
LORD, be good to those who are good and 
whose hearts are honest.
But LORD, when You take away the evil-doers, will You
also remove those who stopped following You.
Let there be peace!

Friday, October 3, 2008

News from My Evacuee Friends

I have to tell ya right off the bat, I'm a little bummed.
Yesterday, Wanda called!  She is one of the friends I met while
she and her family stayed at the shelter.

They were from Beaumont and she told me that they are back 
in Beaumont.  :(  I'm so bummed!

I LOVE these people!  I miss little Eric, and Kiera and Aliyeah! (Wanda's grandkids)

They attempted to stay here in the Bryan/College Station area, but it wasn't going well.

The kids had enrolled in school and applications were put out everywhere, but nothin'
was happening.  The money that FEMA was going to give them was not going to put
them in a very nice area, so they went home.

They have 5 big trees in their yard, one smashed Morrise's shop!
They had pieces of the roof and ceiling off, so they had to repair that as much 
as they could.
Hotels are still full in Beaumont, so they had no other place to go.
Power was on when they returned last Saturday.
While they were gone for almost 3 weeks, vandals had broken into their house
and stolen a lot!  
Isn't that awful!  Not only have your house in semi-destruction, but to have 
things taken as well!!!
Wanda started back to work yesterday and Morrise the day before.
Shawn had found a job and begins Monday and Brittany is still lookin'!


In fact, people from Galveston Island who were evacuated before Ike hit, 
are just returning this weekend from San Antonio where they have been.
They are returning to a tent city that they are referring to Clara Barton Village.
People have to wear masks because of the mold, mildew and nastiness that 
is there on the island!
Just today, October 2,  everyone except 4700 people got their power back on!
Monday there were still 161,000 people without electricity!
That's a LONG time to be without power!!!

I hope that as time passes and things get back to normal, that I don't forget what
it was like a few weeks ago!

But this I know, I will go and visit Morrise and Wanda one day!
I will see them again!
They are a part of my life now!  God brought them into my life, and I thank 
Him for that and for them!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Crouching Tiger!

"...sin is crouching at your door;
it desires to have you....."  Genesis 4:7b

Yesterday was not a good day.

I was upset with one of my children's behavior from the previous night,
and shocked again right after school.  It sent me into doubt of his salvation.

My 3 year old was yelling and commanding me all day, to which I was
spanking repeatedly.

As soon as my middle son got home from school, he fought with his 3 yr. old 
brother and my mood was bad!

Yes, several times I acted out of anger (which I KNOW I shouldn't, but I did.)
Yes, my mood didn't help the mood of the house!
And yes, I should have snapped out of it before Darrin got home.

My lovely husband, pushed me out the door as soon as supper was over and told
me not to come back until he had all 3 boys in bed.  

How nice!

How needed!

I went and got gas, sauntered through a bookstore (that I never can do with kids!)
went and got a Starbucks, stopped and picked up a movie & a few groceries...


It was great!

But this morning in my quiet time, I really confessed my inappropriate attitude to the Lord.

I don't want to be nasty!

I don't want to get angry!

I WANT to be filled with you, Lord.

I prayed for myself, my boys, our hearts and attitudes.

So I began a new day with His mercies anew!  

This morning was one of the best mornings that we have had since school began 
6 weeks ago.  We were out the door EARLY! even.  It was beautiful.

The day was going to get better because I had my 10:00 Bible study to go to.

After dropping the boys off at school, I went home and made my pasta salad for
HOPE group tonight, threw in a load of laundry, fed Kru, checked my email and such...

waiting to leave around 9:45.

Kru and I loaded into the van 


nothing!  Actually, there were noises that seriously made me jump!
My dashboard lit up and blinked like it was possessed, but their was nothing turning over!

You see....  here is what I know to be true from experience...

When you really and truly turn something over to the Lord, the enemy, the crouching tiger,  isn't going to attempt to get you there any longer, because he knows he can't!

So....does he just stop!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  He is crouching at your door 24/7 desiring to have you!  So he'll change his angle, his tactics, his method.  He will try to get you in a different way!

Praise Jesus that I can see this!  And praise Jesus that I didn't give in!

Sure it is obnoxious!
Yes, I was disappointed that I missed Bible study.
No, it is not convenient to only have 1 car (Dakota truck that only seats 3) when I have a family of 5.

Thank God it is the beginning of the month and the money is actually in the bank to cover this!
Thank God we HAVE another vehicle!
Thank God this happened after I took the boys to school.
Thank the Lord, that I didn't allow this circumstance to take away everything that I laid down this morning in my quiet time!

I hate the devil!  I hate that he is unrelenting!  That he desires to harm me!  That he crouches in the shadows of my door to snare me, trap me, kill me!

Praise Jesus that HE is more powerful, more wise, and even more unrelenting than the enemy.  And I belong to Jesus!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Psalm 124

Psalm 124
If the Lord had not been for me,
let me say it again.
If the Lord had not been for me, 
when I was attacked & threatened,
When hurt and agony were thrown at me,
the enemy would have swallowed me alive.
The ocean would have engulfed me,
I would have drowned in the torrent.
I would have lost my life 
in the raging, fuming rapids.
BUT!  Praise the Lord!
He didn't go off and leave me!
He didn't leave me there, abandoned,
defenseless, or helpless like a rabbit in a pack of snarling dogs.
I escaped, flying free like a bird from a hunter's trap
that was broken and I escaped!
My help is in the name of the Lord,
Who is the Maker of heaven and earth.
written September 30, '08

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Psalm 123

Psalm 123
I lift my eyes to You, Lord, with longing, 
to the One who is enthroned in heaven.
Just like servants whose eyes are 
on their master, and like a servant girl's 
eyes are on her mistress, so are my eyes
on the Lord, my God, until He shows me
mercy, loving-kindness, mercy and grace.
Grace me, O Lord, Grace me!
For I am overwhelmed with 
disrespect and contempt.
I have had more than enough disrespect
from prideful and arrogant people.
written on September 29, '08

My Person

I must confess, I am a GREY'S watcher!
It's true!  
I am hooked!!!
I wasn't going to watch this season, but I am!

The more I watch, the more I look at it and think, 
Meredith needs Jesus!
But then, I guess it wouldn't be a hit TV show then 
because there would be no drama!

I just watched the premiere last night.
Meredith and Christina have been friends for a long time.
They know one another very well, dark well, if you know what I mean.

They are each other's person!

In the premiere, Meredith NEEDED to know what
Christina thought, what she said mattered and was
super important to Meredith.

The whole time I thought, "How often do I do that?"
Make what someone else thinks more important than
the Spirit living inside of me, who IS telling me what HE
thinks!!!  Too often, but I pray less and less!

The deal is friends are important!  I value my friendships!  
I miss my friends who I no longer live near.  
I cherish the new friendships I have made here in Texas over
the past 3 years!

BUT.....  friends will NEVER take the place of the Lord in our lives!  
There is a place for them, but NOT in the place that is for the Lord.  

When I begin to make them more important than the Lord, 
I am going to have some issues!

When I value their opinion more than the Lord's,
 I'm going to have some MAJOR issues!!!

Oh, if only I knew this many years ago, heartache, mistakes 
and errors would have been saved.

Yet, I know that that is how we grow!  
I'm not the same as I was when I got saved and 
God is forever changing me, growing me 
to be more and more like Jesus!
Thank You, Jesus!!!

I pray that I would always look to the Lord for advice, 
love, healing, appreciation & most importantly salvation!!!

Jesus IS my person!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Psalm 122

Psalm 122
I am thrilled and excited whenever I have a chance 
to go to church - the house of the Lord - Living Hope.
My feet are planted here in College Station, a
closely knit community.
In this city, many believers of the Lord, come together
to praise the name of the Lord, following the Gospel 
at Living Hope.
There I find the Lord, full of love, grace, compassion,
mercy, hope and conviction.
We need to pray for the peace of College Station:
May everyone you know and love you be secure.
May there be peace within our city limits and
security and safety within our buildings.
For the sake of my family and friends, I will say,
"Peace be within you."
For the sake of Living Hope - the house of the Lord our God, 
I will seek for what is best for you.
written 9-26-08

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road to Recovery - Hurricane Ike

Here is a post that I did on my other blog, but thought it fitting to bring it over here as well. 

This was written originally on the 16th.  Little did I know that within 24 hours, our shelter would be shut down and my new friends gone.

And the road to recovery begins....

Our church has been a shelter since Friday at 5:00. We are an official Red Cross shelter and currently we have 151 people still at the church.

I have had the honor of serving at the church ALOT over the pass few days. The boys have come off and on with me as well. Dakota and Kye helped prepare for the evacuees by unloading cots and setting up bedding. Weekend services were canceled so that we could get ready.

I really have lost count of my days and can't remember what day exactly, but we went from 13 to 90 in 2 1/2 hours on Saturday and then from 90 -175 in another 2 hours.

I can not tell you how blessed I have been these past 5 days. I have met precious people who I will hold in my heart forever, played with sweet children, watched as a little girl's eyes came alive when she received a brand new jacket, and I could go on and on!!!

Our guests are far from home.

Many have lost everything.

Many don't know when they will get to go home
and what will be there when they arrive.

And yet...

they are so kind,




It has made me stop and look at me.....

would I be acting like this if I were in their shoes?

would I be friendly?

would I be able to smile?

would I be thankful or complaining?

I have been up at church ALOT like I said, and even now as I type this my eyes are swimming in tears, because I can't explain, but I feel compelled to be up at the church. I love our guests. I want to be there serving and helping ANY way I can!!

To hold Braylen!
To get some clothes for Maurice and Wanda.
To receive a bear hug from Christopher!
To hold a sweet Spanish speaking little girl who doesn't know where mama is.
Drive to The Med so Red Cross Randy knows where he is going.
To get to love on and hug these precious children of God.
To rejoice when 2 come to know the Lord at 3:00 AM.

I have been blessed.

Overcome with emotion.

Thankful for all that I have.

We are still days away from being done. Who knows right now when all of our guests can go home or to a shelter closer to home? But I'm honored and thankful to be apart of Living Hope and that I have been able to volunteer.

Lessons from Ike - Intro

I have thought often about starting a blog for myself.  One that I could write about whatever I had on my heart.  But I already had a blog so I really didn't need another one!  So even though my blog was supposed to be about my 3 boys, I would take occasional liberty to write about some of mu musings that I had.

Well, then 2 weeks ago, Hurricane Ike came to Texas.  For almost 1 week my life was completely consumed with it.  Our church was a Red Cross shelter that officially opened on that Friday, Sept. 12th,  when the storm was to hit the coast.  We didn't get too busy until Saturday and eventually had 175 people staying there.

I spent the good part of my weekend at church helping and then into the next week as well.  We were officially shut down on Wed. the 16th.  I got to know some of our guests well, the Lord just drew me to some and after all of that....  I didn't know what to do.

The Lord was at work in me and I needed to process.  I needed to get it outside of myself for myself.  After posting a few posts about Ike on the boys' blog, I decided it WAS time for me to begin one for myself.  I'm not even sure if I'm going to give this address out much.  I really just want to write this down and blogging seems to be the easiest way to do it and I can add some great videos, music and whatever else I decide to put on this!

So the next few posts are going to be about lessons that the Lord has taught me through Ike and working with my new friends at the shelter.  It's going to me processing this supernatural experience that I had 2 weeks ago, especially before I forget what I saw, felt, smelled, touched, experienced.

There was a purpose to it all.  I don't know fully exactly what, but I know the Lord had me there for reasons that some He has revealed to me and others will be revealed when its His timing!  All I know is that I'm not the same as I was 2 weeks ago and I don't ever want to be the same again.  

I want to be different.

I want to be transformed.



For His glory!!

Here is another post on another blog from a Houstonian who doesn't want to be the same either and to learn through this ordeal, but not only learn, be changed forever!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Card Board Testimonies!

Go down and turn off the music to hear this!

My Alliteration Psalm

Shout and sing praises to our
Sovereign Saviour who 
Shepherds and saves His sheep.

written 9-23-08

My Psalm 121

Psalm 121
I lift my eyes up to the hills 
and I know where my help comes from.
My help comes from my Lord, who is
the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let me fall because He
always knows where I am because 
He never sleeps.
He watches over me all the time 
because He never closes His eyes.
My God protects me; He is my covering 
that wraps around me like feathers on a wing.
My Lord keeps me from all harm; 
sun, moon, evil, Hell - everything! 
He guards, protects, watches over my life! 
My Lord knows about and watches over me 
wherever I go ALL THE TIME, now and 
Forever and ever!
written on 9-22-08

My Psalm 120

Psalm 120
Lord, I call out to You in my worry
and I know that You hear me.
Save me Lord, from those who hate You 
or are being stubborn against You.
What will the Lord do to you, you 
who stay hardened?
Your only reward will be one of 
burning forever and ever.
Woe to me that I dwell here and
live among the tents on an unbeliever.
I have lived here a long time with those
who hate peace, hope, faith and love.
I am for Christ, for peace, for hope, for faith, 
for love; but the more I am for You, Lord, 
the more He turns against You!
written 9-18-08

Monday, September 22, 2008


Scroll down and pause the music to hear this wonderful praise song!