Saturday, March 28, 2009

Soup Suppers at the Stephens'

Quite a while ago I started somethin' at our house.
Soup Supper at the Stephens'. 
We used to meet the 1st Saturday night of the month, right after church.
But the we switched to the 1st Friday night of the month.

It began with a few 5-8 college aged girls and some of Dakota's friends.
It then expanded to Kathryn and her boys...
then the Freemans started coming....
And then Jordan braved the highly female populated supper.

Over the past months, I have attempted to invite more boys and a few 
more families.

Last night, we had to switch to the last Friday night of the month 


We had a TON of people here!  I mean a ton!!!
We haven't ever had that many people over in our little house before!
Here are a couple of shots that Darrin took with his iphone.

The living room was packed!
Yea, that's the kitchen, packed full!
And so was the table!!! You just can't see it all!

I love these people!
They make me smile!
Make me happy!
My life would be empty without them!

My boys look forward to it, 
I look forward to it!

And there were so many new faces last night!!!
Thank you all for coming and eating with us!
I can't wait to see you next month!!!!

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Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I love being at your house and I love you!!!!