Monday, May 25, 2009

On a Day Like Today

On a day like today, I wish I was somewhere else...
Whether it be a memory,
a person,
a song, 
a smell...
in my mind I am somewhere else.

I just spent an entire 7 days with my brother and sister-n-law.
Can't tell you when the last time that happened.
It hasn't been since we were both single and there were no kids running around.

I s'pose my reminiscent mood has to do because of that.
It was SO GOOD to have him around!!!
I cried when he left.

On a day like today, I want to go back to an easier time.
a more innocent time
a time 
where my mom was
when I was the kid that was being taken care of

On a day like today, I find my mind on reverse in fast motion
going back to when I was in school
looking forward to summer.

On a day like today, I am thankful for memories.
for good memories
for songs that make me remember
for smells that I will never forget 
and for precious family 
whether they are here on earth with me or in Heaven.

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