Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is where I was last night!!!
It was fabulous!!!!
I went with 4 other lovely ladies

Me, Susan, Amanda, Becky and Mary
(Cindy we missed you)
from church.

We sang some beautiful Christmas and worship songs,
we heard some wonderful songs from Travis and CeCe!

And then we heard a WORD!!!!
Beth spoke on Luke 1:5-25
Prepare for an Advent in you Life
A fresh visitation from God
A personal advent
A fresh work from the Lord!

She gave us 4 ways to prepare for an Advent:
She said that God rarely just shows up!
He usually gives us signs that He is on His way!

#1 - Be Lookin' for Him!
#2 - Bring our disappointment to the altar.
#3 - Believe to the bone that He heard you!
#4 - Blessed are you when what comes naturally
for others, comes supernaturally to you!

Talking about Zechariah and Elizabeth!
How the were faithful people but had profound disappointment.
What they were missing came so easily to other people.

She talked about Zechariah going into the holy place and praying
for the nation of Israel, but possibly for his wife as well.

And that you are not picked on when God doesn't answer you 
like some others get answered, but that you are PICKED OUT!!!
That sometimes your answer will come with a God show!
I'm sure it would make more sense if you had been there,
but it was amazing!

It was so good!
It was so needed!
We were there on purpose!
Thank You, Jesus!!!

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