Friday, February 20, 2009

One Week Later

It has been a week since my birthday.
And I have to be honest,
this was probably one of the best birthdays
I have ever had!

My husband did a fabulous job of making the
entire day, special and full of surprise.  
2 weeks before my birthday, he had emailed
a couple of my girlfriends to organize a 
surprise party on Friday night.  

So this time last week I was eating at Bostons, 
with 15 of my fabulous girlfriends!!!

Friday was a day of pleasure and being pampered.
Darrin came home at lunch and stayed with Kru 
while I went and got my nails done and a pedicure too!
I even splurged and got the fancy flower on my big toe!
Beautiful! (thanks Kory and Shelley!)

I almost fell asleep in the massage chair!
Wow!  What a wonderful relaxing experience!
I believe all moms should have these weekly! =)
I would if I could!

When I arrived home, it was almost time to pick up
Kye from school, so we loaded into the van and headed
to pick up Kye, or so I thought!
When we began heading the opposite way of the school,
I was confused.
Darrin pulls up to a salon and tells me, "Get out, you have
a 3:00 appointment for a color and cut."
Seriously, he made me a hair appointment!
Handed me a couple of gift certificates and he was off!
"Call me when you are done."

When you haven't had your hair cut or professionally colored
in a year, literally, it takes a while to do what needs to be done!
So finally, I called Darrin and he picked me up around 6:00.

"We're going to go eat at Bostons."
I love Bostons, so I was thrilled.

We pulled into the parking lot and he told me he was going to 
drop me off and park in the back.  Thinking nothing of it, I said, 
ok and got out of the car.  I told the boys to come on and that was 
when Darrin said, "Nope, see ya later."

"Just walk around, someone will find you."  and he pulls away.

I walked into the restaurant and that's when I saw the balloons, 
heard the SURPRISE! and saw most of my favorite faces in 
College Station waiting for me!

I almost started crying, but someone told me how cute my hair
looked and I was like,  "I KNOW!!!!" =) so I got over the tears!

I received some special gifts, including a wonderful cross for my wall,
a Bible that is super special and a scripture paper weight and more!

I love Bostons, I love my girlfriends, and I love girlfriend time!
It was GREAT!!!!  yummo food, fabo friends, and lots of talking!
what more can a girl ask for?  oh to have her hair freshly done, 
her fake nails on and a pedi too??? 

Oh wait, I had that too!!!!!!

It was a wonderful day!!!

Thanks Darr for making this birthday so great!  And thanks girls
for being a huge part of it!

And can I just tell ya, on Valentines Day, my real birthday, my guys
got me roses and a bracelet too!

I was spoiled this year!

The only thing I am sad about, not 1 picture! =( and if you know me, 
you know how important pics are, but will be keeping this one alive
through memory for a long time!!!

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Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

What a joy to celebrate your day with you.

Love you