Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jon & Kate +8

I have not watched Jon & Kate +8.
I have caught it a couple of times,
but I wasn't a devote fan.

But, I did watch the season premiere,
and was saddened because it sounded
as if they were already separated and
thinking of divorce.

And then I didn't watch it again.
I know too many going through this
already in my life to need to watch it on TV.

I'm sad for all of them (my friends & Jon & Kate)
I found this letter that was written to Kate.
I think it is great!
It is Biblical!
It is tough!
It is wise!
It is truth!!!

Don't know why I wanted to post about it, but I did.
I think we MUST look different than the world!
I know we MUST act differently than the world!

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