Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In a Nutshell

Dakota went and got his haircut today.  I took him somewhere nice, paid a little more, but it shows!

He went to a new stylist. It was a guy.

On the way home, Dakota told me that he liked him and really liked the cut. "He talked about his feelings."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

The stylist talked about how he felt about the Supreme Court ruling last month and more. He told Dakota about when he was 11, he went to a church and the pastor there was talking about how bi-racial marriage was wrong and in his mind, being from a bi-racial family, he took that to mean that he was wrong and he never went back to church and told Dakota, "I hate them all and have never been back."

When Dakota told me this and the more that I thought about it,

THAT sums up what is Wrong with Christianity.

You see...

Jesus did not make people feel wrong or like crap. He did NOT make people feel remorseful or guilty.

HE LOVED THEM! HE LOVED THE SINNER (which we ALL are btw)!!!

That's what the majority of "Christian" people can't do today.

They do not love the sinner!

THEY HATE THE SIN and they can't get passed it!

Instead of loving people and all of the sticky stuff that comes with said people...

we'll judge,

be proud,

not show compassion...

they do not LOVE!

And what is even worse, they will say they are doing things out of love. They probably actually believe it.

"We must save them from themselves!" How wrong this is. This is NOT what Jesus did!!! He loved people where they were at, in the mess they were in, how they were!!!!

Such a shame that "Christians" can not be more Christ like!

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