Monday, September 29, 2008

My Person

I must confess, I am a GREY'S watcher!
It's true!  
I am hooked!!!
I wasn't going to watch this season, but I am!

The more I watch, the more I look at it and think, 
Meredith needs Jesus!
But then, I guess it wouldn't be a hit TV show then 
because there would be no drama!

I just watched the premiere last night.
Meredith and Christina have been friends for a long time.
They know one another very well, dark well, if you know what I mean.

They are each other's person!

In the premiere, Meredith NEEDED to know what
Christina thought, what she said mattered and was
super important to Meredith.

The whole time I thought, "How often do I do that?"
Make what someone else thinks more important than
the Spirit living inside of me, who IS telling me what HE
thinks!!!  Too often, but I pray less and less!

The deal is friends are important!  I value my friendships!  
I miss my friends who I no longer live near.  
I cherish the new friendships I have made here in Texas over
the past 3 years!

BUT.....  friends will NEVER take the place of the Lord in our lives!  
There is a place for them, but NOT in the place that is for the Lord.  

When I begin to make them more important than the Lord, 
I am going to have some issues!

When I value their opinion more than the Lord's,
 I'm going to have some MAJOR issues!!!

Oh, if only I knew this many years ago, heartache, mistakes 
and errors would have been saved.

Yet, I know that that is how we grow!  
I'm not the same as I was when I got saved and 
God is forever changing me, growing me 
to be more and more like Jesus!
Thank You, Jesus!!!

I pray that I would always look to the Lord for advice, 
love, healing, appreciation & most importantly salvation!!!

Jesus IS my person!!!

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