Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road to Recovery - Hurricane Ike

Here is a post that I did on my other blog, but thought it fitting to bring it over here as well. 

This was written originally on the 16th.  Little did I know that within 24 hours, our shelter would be shut down and my new friends gone.

And the road to recovery begins....

Our church has been a shelter since Friday at 5:00. We are an official Red Cross shelter and currently we have 151 people still at the church.

I have had the honor of serving at the church ALOT over the pass few days. The boys have come off and on with me as well. Dakota and Kye helped prepare for the evacuees by unloading cots and setting up bedding. Weekend services were canceled so that we could get ready.

I really have lost count of my days and can't remember what day exactly, but we went from 13 to 90 in 2 1/2 hours on Saturday and then from 90 -175 in another 2 hours.

I can not tell you how blessed I have been these past 5 days. I have met precious people who I will hold in my heart forever, played with sweet children, watched as a little girl's eyes came alive when she received a brand new jacket, and I could go on and on!!!

Our guests are far from home.

Many have lost everything.

Many don't know when they will get to go home
and what will be there when they arrive.

And yet...

they are so kind,




It has made me stop and look at me.....

would I be acting like this if I were in their shoes?

would I be friendly?

would I be able to smile?

would I be thankful or complaining?

I have been up at church ALOT like I said, and even now as I type this my eyes are swimming in tears, because I can't explain, but I feel compelled to be up at the church. I love our guests. I want to be there serving and helping ANY way I can!!

To hold Braylen!
To get some clothes for Maurice and Wanda.
To receive a bear hug from Christopher!
To hold a sweet Spanish speaking little girl who doesn't know where mama is.
Drive to The Med so Red Cross Randy knows where he is going.
To get to love on and hug these precious children of God.
To rejoice when 2 come to know the Lord at 3:00 AM.

I have been blessed.

Overcome with emotion.

Thankful for all that I have.

We are still days away from being done. Who knows right now when all of our guests can go home or to a shelter closer to home? But I'm honored and thankful to be apart of Living Hope and that I have been able to volunteer.

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