Wednesday, October 15, 2008

6 Weeks Until Thanksgiving!!!

"Only 6 weeks until Thanksgiving!"  When I heard this on the radio the other day, I was shocked!  I couldn't believe it was only 42 days away.

While that may make some go into a frenzy or panic, because we all know what is just around the corner from T-day, it made me smile and it gave me a sense of inner peace, that I needed!

You see, I get to see my family over Thanksgiving!!!  It is a once a year event that I look forward to more than I can explain!!!

It is strange here in the south where we really have no change in season, to know we are in Autumn.  I forget what time of year it is!  So when I heard that the other day, it thrilled my soul.

I love Indian Summer, Autumn, Thanksgiving, the changing leaves, the noise and smell as you walk through the leaves on the ground, raking huge piles of leaves and jumping in them, beautifully trees dressed in reds, bronzes, oranges and yellows!!  The nip in the air of chilly Fall days, and I could go on and on.....  but I won't...  because I love all that so much, but I don't get all of that here in Texas.

But before I begin lamenting my sad tale, I DO get Thanksgiving in Iowa!!!  I DO get to go and see my dad's side of the family!!!  I DO get to be around people that have known me my entire life, they know me!  And they still love me!!!  I get to sit at a table with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and play cards!  I will spend some special time with just me and my granpa, who I love so much!!!  I will laugh so hard with my granma and aunts that we will cry and hopefully not pee our pants!  I will be among the many for the group picture!!!  And I will relish EVERY second, because they come too far and few between!!!

I have been going to my granma and granpa's house in Iowa since I can remember.  I have picture after picture after picture of all of us!  When Great-Granpa (Gramps) and Granma (Grammy) came, as we grew in numbers, to us growing up and now having children of our own in the photos!  It is a tradition, and 1 of the only traditions that my family has, that matters so much to me!!!  There have been years that I wasn't able to make the trip, and they were sadder Thanksgivings!  Because NOTHING!!! on Thanksgiving makes me feel the way I feel when I am with my family in Iowa!!!  My brother and his wife made the journey last year from DC.  That was the first time since mom died that Kory and I were there together! It was grand!!!  And they just bought their airplane tickets this week for this year! YAY!!!

NOTHING beats your family!  I love them all so much, even if I only get to see the majority of them 1 time a year!  They are so precious to me and I hope these next 6 weeks fly!!!

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