Friday, October 3, 2008

News from My Evacuee Friends

I have to tell ya right off the bat, I'm a little bummed.
Yesterday, Wanda called!  She is one of the friends I met while
she and her family stayed at the shelter.

They were from Beaumont and she told me that they are back 
in Beaumont.  :(  I'm so bummed!

I LOVE these people!  I miss little Eric, and Kiera and Aliyeah! (Wanda's grandkids)

They attempted to stay here in the Bryan/College Station area, but it wasn't going well.

The kids had enrolled in school and applications were put out everywhere, but nothin'
was happening.  The money that FEMA was going to give them was not going to put
them in a very nice area, so they went home.

They have 5 big trees in their yard, one smashed Morrise's shop!
They had pieces of the roof and ceiling off, so they had to repair that as much 
as they could.
Hotels are still full in Beaumont, so they had no other place to go.
Power was on when they returned last Saturday.
While they were gone for almost 3 weeks, vandals had broken into their house
and stolen a lot!  
Isn't that awful!  Not only have your house in semi-destruction, but to have 
things taken as well!!!
Wanda started back to work yesterday and Morrise the day before.
Shawn had found a job and begins Monday and Brittany is still lookin'!


In fact, people from Galveston Island who were evacuated before Ike hit, 
are just returning this weekend from San Antonio where they have been.
They are returning to a tent city that they are referring to Clara Barton Village.
People have to wear masks because of the mold, mildew and nastiness that 
is there on the island!
Just today, October 2,  everyone except 4700 people got their power back on!
Monday there were still 161,000 people without electricity!
That's a LONG time to be without power!!!

I hope that as time passes and things get back to normal, that I don't forget what
it was like a few weeks ago!

But this I know, I will go and visit Morrise and Wanda one day!
I will see them again!
They are a part of my life now!  God brought them into my life, and I thank 
Him for that and for them!

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