Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember When????

Do you know who this is???

Since the last post was about so many years ago, 

here's another!!!

Think back to junior high and high school. (well at least for my age)

Amy Grant is coming to Houston celebrating her 20 years as an artist.

The commercials have brought back a ton of memories!

Lead Me On
Let Me Say Once More
Stay For Awhile
Father's Eyes

Do you know how many Amy Grant songs I sang for special music through the years???

Let me just say A TON!!!!

Do you know how many tapes and cds of hers I have!


I soooooo want to go to this concert!  
I won't, but I want to!!!

Amy Grant was one of the first "contemporary" (makes me laugh a little) Christian artists that I listened to!  I loved her, well... still do!
I saw her live at a conference 4 years ago!  She is so real!
She was shoeless and had her guitar and it was great!!!

So who's up for a concert???!!!

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