Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ouch! I Feel So Old!!!!

Heard this on the tv today as Kru was getting ready to watch his favorite show, The Backyardigans.

I was like....

25 YEARS!!!??????  Really????

Yes, I guess I was 10 years old when I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll for my birthday!
And yes, that does mean I'm 35 almost 36!!!


I'm almost tempted to buy the cute African American newborn!  It's so sweet!!!

You see, when I was 10, I wanted a black baby!  
Not a doll mind you, but a real life black baby!  
I have always wanted to be a mother!!!!

I'm not sure why, but my parents freaked a little because this white little girl wanted a black baby, so they improvised...

There was a lady who made dolls in our church and they had her make me my very own African American homemade Cabbage Patch looking doll. (I would take a picture of her, but she is up in the attic in some box!)  She wasn't a newborn at all, almost weighing 10 pounds, but she was a black baby.

My parents made sure that I knew that this would be the only black baby I ever had!

I'm so embarrassed to even write that!

Because my heart is so not there and has never been there!

I'm not claiming that I'm not prejudice, because I honestly believe that we can not grow up and live in America and not have some prejudice within us.  I pray that as the Holy Spirit grows and changes me that that would lessen and that Christ's love would flow through me and out of me!

I love being in a church with families that adopt no matter the color of skin.  I love being able to be a part of their families!  The picture of adoption and the things that I have learned from these families has been wonderful.

25 years! That seems like an eternity ago!!! ;>)

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Cindy said...

This post resonated with me on several levels. Thank you for that. I rememer my first (and only) cabbage patch doll. It was also handmade so lovingly by my sweet mom--who wouldn't have had the money to pay the exorbitant cost. I was so thrilled with that doll and I still have it somewhere . . . :)