Monday, October 20, 2008

Saying Good-bye to....

a great pair of pants!!!
Yes, you heard me....

Today, I put on one of my favorite pairs of pants and found that 
today would be the last day I would do it.
It really is a sad affair!
But....  the holes that have been worn through 
are no longer modest enough to wear out in public!

But you see, I have been wearing these pants for a while now!
My good friend, Mary, gave these fabulous GAP capris to me
3 years ago.  They were the first "real" pants that I wore after
having my third child, Kru!

They were snug at first and I wore them probably 1-2 weeks early,
but they were "real" pants and not maternity!!!

After a while, they were a little too big, but I kept wearing them
anyways!  They are comfortable, soft, semi-flattering and GAP
for crying-out-loud!!!!  So I just pulled the drawstring a little
tighter and have been wearing them ever since!

But I suppose after weekly washings....
(remember, I live in Texas where we wear capris year round)
the time has come to let them go!

They have been good to me!
I will miss them!
It is a sad day!!!


Cindy said...

OK, girl!!! I have that same pair of pants. I'm serious! I got them at a consignment store. Mine are a light army-green almost khaki. They are a bit frayed on the bottoms. Is that the same pair! Soft as velvet? Couldn't you just get a little patch to cover up the holes? Maybe a "DIVA" patch or something. HA HA!

Kari said...

oh to funny!!!

i'll have to think about the patch idea!!!